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Object Modeling Case in E-commerce Industry


  • Industry Application:

    Merchandise show in e-commerce, or any 3d object modeling in any industry

  • Case Description: Commodity Show

    Viewer can rotate, and watch the object model from any angle, and can interactively try to operate the virtual commodity.

  • Work Flow Chart:

    1. Shoot around the object;
    2. Change the pose of the object;
    3. Shoot again to make up the omitted parts;
    4. Import the video into Easypano auto modeling software to generate a model with textures;
    5. The model could be exported for e-commerce use, or if special purpose needed, the model could be exported into other 3D modeling software like Maya to edit the model modification during the operation;
    6. Choose 3d plug-ins to play.

    Work Flow Chart of the E-commerce Case


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