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City8 Mobile Mapping System

City8 Mobile Mapping System Structure


A: 360°Panoramic Mobile Capturing Unit City8 Capturing unit can take care of full environments. Meanwhile, it records and transfers at an extremely high resolution: up to 10000*5000, 50 million pixels.

B: 360°Panoramic Mobile Surveying Unit measures the distance while it is operating and it also is the most efficient division of the position for cameras, which ensures consistent quality and accuracy in all recorded data.

C: Carrying Shelf Unit In order to make the process of capturing successfully, our bracket have passed test of overcoming dense shakes when the vehicle operating on the way.

D: GNSS Location Unit We use the sophisticated GPS Unit in the system. Even if the signals are not very good, the IMU and Speedometer will help to ensure the routing, thus the shooting distance and data processing can be controlled easily.

E: Mobile Capturing Control Unit City8 Mapping Control Software can reach two targets: Control Shooting: adjust camera parameters Check Path: display shooting path, current location, latitude and longitude.


Step 1: Mobile Capturing  Step 2: Mapping Process Step 3: Mapping Application

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