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City8 Mobile Mapping Software

City8 Image Control Software

City8 Image Capture Software (CICS) is a very important part of operating the City8 Mobile Mapping System on the way. Because it is the only program to control all the actions from the system (shooting, locating, setting and so on). With the built-in weather identification system, you can automatically capture the most appropriate image at the moment. Furthermore, IMU and Speedometer will be a great assist to ensure the driving route.

City8 Image Process Software

City8 Image Process Software (CIPS) is a proprietary producer of applications to conveniently output images from the records. With City8 you can stitch, preview, edit and automatically create high resolution 360°streetview, including sound and many associated metadata such as distance, longitude, dimension and so on.




City8 Image Process Software - Functions


tag-hotspots Tag & Hotspots

City8 Tagging system allows you add hotspots in the real sence, and tag everywhere with information.

3D-Model 3D-Model

Putting 3D models in every specific 3D coordinate of real-time street view. It is helpful to do simulation.

3D-Coordinate 3D-Coordinate

Any 3D Coordinate(LAT,LON,ALT)of point can be calculated by a click.

Multimedia-Billboards Multimedia-Billboards

The billboards can be textured with vedio or images content  providing the perfect framework for advertising.


Step 1: Mobile Capturing  Step 2: Mapping Process Step 3: Mapping Application

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