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Everyone can be supported from image capturing to processing and publishing when involve in our Project Program. City8 are willing to have cooperation with every project related to the street view applications.


Why should you join the project program?

Various Applications

  • GIS industry: 2D map provider, car Navigation Company...
  • Security and emergency response: police dept., fire control bureau...
  • Real estate industry: real estate developer, real estate agency, real estate website...
  • Digital city: government department in charge of city publicity or investment attraction...
  • Virtual traveling: municipal traveling bureau, scenic spot administration, travel agency.....  See more details

Save Cost - City8 support you with data capturing, processing, and publishing and leave you more time, human resources and cost to the customer.

More Space of  Cooperation - Depends on how much we involve in the project, our forms of cooperation can be changed accordingly.

Want to join Project Program?

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