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Panorama Software - Stitching

Fisheye Photo Stitching Fisheye Photo Stitching
Stitch circular, drum type, and full frame fisheye photos into full 360 spherical panoramas, offering perfect images resources to Tourweaver for virtual tour creation.
Support: Std, Pro How to use > >
Normal & Wide-Angle Photo Stitching Normal & Wide-Angle Photo Stitching
Stitch multiple rows of photos shot by normal digital camera or wide angle lens, able to stitch full 360 degree spherical panorama or partial cylindrical panorama.
Support: Std, Pro How to use > >
Batch Stitching Batch Stitching
The batch stitching feature of Panoweaver is capable of automatically stitching up to 300 groups of images into 300 panoramas at one time.
Support: Pro Only
Raw & HDR Image Stitching Raw & HDR Image Stitching
Stitching raw images and HDR images will bring you more real panoramas with perfect results. Support: Pro Only How to use > >

Panorama Software - Export and Publish

Branding FREE

Link your own website on the right click context menu to introduce your company, business or website. This feature is come with original program and no need extra charge.
Support: Pro only
How to use

Google/Bing Map And Hotspot

Locate your panoramas with hotspots on Google or Bing maps. Google map is available to users who have already had valid API key. Bing map is for all users. How to use

Background Music

Panorama software- Panoweaver support Background Sound to panoramic tour, therefore, you can enjoy a beautiful music while viewing panorama. The supported sound format is .mp3. How to use

HTML 5 Format Support

With this feature, you are allowed to view your panoramas at any place, HTML5 tour could be displayed on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad etc. as well as other popular HTML 5 browsers) How to use

Gyroscope effect

If you would like to "drive" your virtual tour, feeling like locating into the virtual tour, Gyroscope Effect will bring you this fresh immersive feeling. The virtual tour will automatically get rotated when you turn your hands or body. (Support HTML5 tours on iOS devices only)

Hotspot In Panorama

You can insert hotspots on any interesting place in each panorama and associate the hotspot to start one action. The Supported actions include poping up related image or linking to URL of your website. How to use

Immersive Panorama Publishing

All popular panorama publishing formats, include Html based Flash VR, QuickTime movie (*.mov), standalone swf (*.swf), and Easypano virtual tour player (Java platform needed), as well as HTML5 panorama for iPhone, iPad. How to use

Support Adobe Flash Player 11

Easypano always keep up with the cutting edge technology. Panoweaver 8 support Adobe Flash Player 11 play engine, making your tour more immersive and smooth.

Save Panoramic Image

You can save your stitched panoramic image into various formats within this panorama software, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD and BMP. How to use

Output Six Cube Faces For Cubic Panorama

When saving a cubic panorama, you can also convert it to 6 cube face images for further usage, each panorama can be saved into 6 independent cube face images. How to use