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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 5.00 What's New

Copyright (C) 2001-2009 Easypano Holdings Inc.
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[ + Added feature ]
[ - Bug fixed]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]


Easypano Tourweaver 5.00, July 1st, 2010

Builder: 5.00.100701 Download

Bug fixed:
[-]Changes on Scene Folder Name in publish settings do not work
[-]When MainWindow percentage is not 100%, width/height of images which are applied to components sometimes change.
[-]Settings for Initial Pan/Tilt value of Radar is not correct.
[-]When Map is hided initially, radars fails to work when clicked under full screen.
[-]Show/Hide Popup Window action fails to work if transition effect is set as expand/collapse.
[-]Scene shakes under transition effect of Walk
[-]If video is added to Popup Window, and Auto Play is ticked in its properties panel, the sound of video is played automatically even if the popup window is not opened.

[*]Virtual tour player is improved.

Easypano Tourweaver 5.00, Dec 25th, 2009

Builder: 5.00.091225

Added features:
[+] Multi-language interfaces are added, including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian and Spanish.

Bug fixed:
[-] Position of Hotspot in published virtual tour changes 180 degree when it is added to cubic image.
[-] When Show/Hide PopupWindow action is added to Toggle button, the action can not repeat.
[-] EXE virtual tours can not be generated when "popup filename prefix" is renamed in Publish Settings (EXE tour is selected).
[-] Under Unix system, virtual tour won't play when there is space in thumbnail names.


Easypano Tourweaver 5.00 official version, Nov. 26th, 2009

Builder: 5.00.091127


[*]Sample virtual tour project is updated.

Easypano Tourweaver 5.00 Beta, Nov. 13th, 2009

Builder: 5.00.091113

Bug fixed:

[-]EXE output was mistaken as a virus by antivirus software
[-]hotspot blured when switched to full screen


Easypano Tourweaver 5.00 Beta, Nov. 6th, 2009

Builder: 5.00.091106

Added features:

[+]Support adding flash and video component on skin or popup window. (pro only)
[+]Components can be displayed in full screen. (pro only)

Improved/Changed features:

[*]Hint can be image or Flash animation. (pro only)
[*]Popup window can be displayed on mouse over. (pro only)
[*]Movie controller for specified movie.
[*]Support .EXE as publish format. (pro only)
[*]Use one button to control open/close of multiple popup window. (pro only)
[*]"Hide map automatically" can be set as to the scenes that doesn't need map. (pro only)
[*]Optimized publish resources.
[*]It is optional whether to hide hotspot initially or not.
[*]"Zoom in Scale with FOV" is available in Preferences settings.
[*]Zooming in/out with mouse is optional.
[*]Double click to full-screen mode is optional.
[*]Copy and paste hotspots between different scenes or maps.
[*]Copy and paste components between different popup windows. (pro only)

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