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VRTourMaker 1.10 is released

Copyright (C) 2001-2019 Easypano Holdings Inc.
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[+] New features

[*] Function adjustment / optimization

[-] Bug fixed

Easypano VRTourMaker 1.10 for Windows, April 24, 2019
Builder:1.10.190410 Download

[-] Fix the bug that software does not remember the Japanese language.

[-] Fixed the bug that hotspots are inconsistent in left and right screen when the VR mode is frequently started & closed.

[-] Solved error messgae pop-up when URL is set to empty in custom hotspots. 

[-] Fixed the scene sequence disordered bug when the scene group is discolved.

Easypano VRTourMaker 1.10 for Windows, Mar 06, 2019
Builder:1.10.190306 Download

[+] Added thumbnail selection and grouping function;

[*] Optimize the adjustment of the scene sequence;

[*] Support for large images (Max: 50000*25000)

[+] Added right-click menu and related operations;

[*] The Littleplanet effect is adjusted to "Each scene can be set to littleplanet";

[+] New Automatic Matching Map Function with Exif Information Map;

[+] Added keyboard fine-tuning function to hotspot location;

[+] “Sliding Door Hotspot” adds a loop rotation function;

[+] Hotspot icon adds custom features;

[+] Support for Gif dynamic hotspots;

[+] Support for adding local videos;

[+] Added switch settings such as automatic rotation of scenes and automatic switching of scenes;

[*] Optimizing the operation experience of logic management interface;

[+] Added navigation bar customization function;

[*] Other interface optimization;