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VRTourMaker 1.00 for Windows is released

Virtual Tour software-VRTourMaker 1.00 for Windows is released.
VRTourMaker 1.00 for Windows---The easily-operable virtual tour solution from Easypano, supporting VR mode and adhering to the principle of brevity and simplicity. 

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Specific functions:
VR mode, the most wonderful visual experience
Adding scenes, at most 1000 scenes, meeting users’ high demand
Setting Google map in which radars achieve scenes transition
Adding planimetric map, showing the whereabouts of each scene
Supporting scene introduction, text or audio
Diversity in hotspots, highlighting 360 degree model, sliding door, and custom hotspots
Model hotspot, adding one group of images to exhibit 360 degree model
Sliding door hotspot, simulating door closing or opening with multiframe images
Custom hotspot, showing data or text as a new webpage or a popupwindow
Relationship map, fast inspecting scenes name, scenes sequence, hotspots and etc.
Skin selection, setting navigation icons with the requirement of different devices
Preview & publish, supporting PC, smartphone, Pad viewing
Supporting background music or separate scene music
Adding logo, showing its individual characteristics
Custom right-click menu
Supporting global sound setting or separate scene background music
Showing little planet effect and gyro effect