Publish Panorama

After stitching, choose File> Publish Panorama or click
on toolbar to publish Panorama.

Basic Steps:

Publishing Format


You may publish as Shockwave Flash (.swf), Flash VR, HTML 5 or QuickTime VR, or both of them at the same time.

File Name:

Name the published file, for example pano1 (Please don't use space in the file name).

Output Path:

Specify output path for the file you want to publish, for example, C:\Program Files\Easypano\Panoweaver 8\output\; System will establish a folder with the same name as the file, so output path becomes: C:\Program Files\Easypano\Panoweaver 8\output\pano1\. System for your convenience will establish sub folders "_swf", "_flash", "_applet" and "_qtvr" under this folder, so files will be saved separately in the sub folders.


General Properties


Open output folder after published. Generate files for autorun CD (autorun.inf): If this option is selected, Panoweaver will generate an autorun.inf file for autorun CD.

Compression Quality:

Click Quality button to adjust image compression quality and display compressed size of file in the pop-up window. Refer to Adjust JPEG quality.


Thumbnail of panoramic image in html page. Customize the size of thumbnail in index.html in the published files. The default size of the thumbnail is 160x80 pixes.

Viewer Size:

Set the size of viewer.

Viewer Parameters:

Set the initial, max and min values of Pan, Tilt, FOV (Pan refers to horizontal angle of view. Tilt refers to vertical angle of view. FOV refers to field of view. The smaller FOV is, the nearer scenes seem to be. The larger FOV is, the farther scenes seem to be) of panorama when playing.

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