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Online Activation

Offline Activation

To fight against piracy and better protect Easypano copyright as well as users' interests, we adopt a stricter license policy. Easypano customers have to activate the product to make it fully functional. The Easypano Product Activation System does not collect or utilize personal information, such as your name and contact information. Product Activation is completely secure and anonymous. No personal information is ever collected or requested. During activation, the product does not scan your hard drives or collect any data other than the minimum information required to verify your license. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Online Activation

If the computer you are running Easypano software is connected to Internet, please proceed with the online activation. Activation over the Internet is a one-time operation. Simply enter your product serial number and activate for full use in seconds, secure and anonymous.

Note: Online Activation requires network card and Internet connection.

Offline Activation

In case you need to run Easypano products in a computer without Internet connection, you can find some other computer with Internet available to activate the product via Email or Easypano website submission. Since Internet is quite pervasive nowadays, we assume all the customers can access the Internet by certain means, either in a net cafe, or another computer.

Basically offline activation still requires internet connectivity, however not necessarily in the computer running the software.

A general procedure for offline activation:

  1. Start Panoweaver 8.

  2. Choose offline activation in the popup window and then click Continue

  3. Choose step 1 to create an ARF file and click Continue.

  4. Input the license key you've purchased and select the right directory to save this ARF; and click Continue

  5. An ARF file is created and saved in the relative path.

  6. Click the link to open the registration html page. Fill out one or two available Email and upload this ARF.

  7. An ALF file is created and sent to the relevant Email.

  8. Log in to your email-box and save this ALF to your local.

  9. Restart the activation procedure from Help menu.

  10. Choose offline activation; and click Continue

  11. Choose step 3 and click Continue.

  12. Import ALF to activate the software and click Continue

  13. Offline activation is accomplished.

Note: Offline Activation requires network interface card installed.

Please make sure the computer on which you install Panoweaver 8 and create Activate Request File, meets following requirements.

  1. Network card is installed.

  2. TCP/IP protocol is installed.

  3. Network card is not disabled.

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