Import image

Select File>New project or click on toolbar to import the source still images. Finally click Open:

1. Select file format (jpg, .tiff, .bmp, or png)

2. Select number of images from file list.

3. Click Open.

Types Remarks
Camera Raw (*. NEF; *. CRW; *.CR2;*. Dng;*. ORF; *ARW)
JPEG Image Format (*. jpeg; *. jpg) By default
Portable Network Graphics (*. png) 8bit
Tiff Image Format (*. tiff; *. tif) 8bit/16bits
Windows Bitmap (*. bmp.; Pict for Macintosh .*. pict) 8bit
All Image Format

For details about RAW, please refer to Import Raw File.


To preview selected image before importing, select the checkbox in front of Preview.

Note: Cube Face requires 6 square images (the ratio of width to height is 1:1. These images can be obtained by modeling or by cubic panoramic image stitching. The importing sequence should be front, right, back, left, top and bottom. The sketch map is

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