Basic Steps before Stitching

General Steps Before Stitching
Special Steps Before Stitching

General Steps Before Stitching:

1. In Image Show and Operation Area, under Source Images Tab, select, delete and rearrange the source images for a panorama.

Refer to Image Show and Operation Area section in this tutorial for the detailed operation.

2. After loading the source images, the camera and lens data of the images will be read and displayed in the Image Type panel. If the data can't be found in the image during reading the info about EXIF data, then please select an image type by yourself.

Refer to Image Type for the detailed operation.

3. In Panoramic Type panel, set the type of panoramic image.

Refer to Panorama Type for the detailed operation.

4. In Advanced Settings, select a blender between PWBlend and SmartBlend which will be used for blending.

Refer to Advanced Settings for the detailed info.


Special Steps Before Stitching:

If the source images are fisheye images, you also need to set fisheye image enclosing:

This is an important step to get the high quality panorama for fisheye images. This function is only applicable to drum and full circular images.

Refer to Set Fisheye Image Enclosing for the basic steps.

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