Little Planet Panorama

Panoweaver 8 is added Little Planet feature . Click “ ” the spherical panorama will turn to “Little Planet”

Tips: If you first use this feature, click ,it will comes out a popup window as blow:

(1) If you choose “Depression”(default)it will turn to “from top to bottom” view angle.
(2) If you choose “Elevation” it will turn to “from bottom to top” view angle.
(3) If you choose Checkbox. when you click next time, the popup window will not appear again .If you want to reset it , go to “Advanced Settings” to change it .

1. Click “Advanced Settings”:

Tips: After the Spherical panorama is being turned to Little Planet , it will not support “cubic to Spherical” “ add ceiling and Floor” ‘”add hotspot”. However, when you click , it will come back to Spherical panorama.
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