How to Remove Tripod

FOV of fisheye lens is so wide that tripod is usually captured in the images, which may destroy the perfection of your images. You may take a nadir image (90° down view picture) to cover the tripod, or remove tripod from the panoramic image by some image editing software. Add Logo
Use Other Image Editing Software to Retouch
Remove Tripod from Panorama by Using Additional Shot
Use Panoweaver to remove tripod

Add Logo

1. Open Ceiling/Floor panel.
2. Select Floor from the drop down list.
3. Click or double click in logo show area to import your image. You may enter a number (0~90), or click the arrow at the right side of the figure to adjust the size of logo. Please preview it in panoramic image show area.
4. Click or double click in logo show area to remove logo.


Use Other Image Editing Software to Retouch

If you don't want to add a logo to cover the tripod, you may also remove it from the image in this way: first, convert spherical panoramic image into cubic, or stitch fisheye image into cubic panoramic images directly in Panoweaver. Then save the cubic panorama to your local and import it into other image editing software (for example, Photoshop) to remove tripod. Please refer to the following steps:

1. Move the tripod out of where it stands after shooting the fisheye images.
2. Use your camera with common lens to shoot a plane image of the floor where you put tripod:

3. Get a cubic panoramic image: Use Panoweaver to stitch fisheye image into cubic panoramic image directly. Or stitch a spherical panoramic image, then choose Panorama> Spherical/Cubic Conversion to convert it into cubic panoramic image.
4. Save the cubic panoramic image to your local. The picture below is an example of cube face with tripod:
5. Import both the cubic panoramic image and the image shot in Step 2 into Photoshop, retouch the plane image and make it exactly cover the tripod. The following picture is the result:

6. Save panoramic image and re-import it into Panoweaver to publish.

Remove Tripod from Panorama by Using Additional Shot

Shooting Tip:

1. Shoot additional ceiling/floor shots without tripod to replace the original shots.
2. When shooting ceiling/floor, shooting position should be almost the same with the original position. The degree difference between the two positions should be limited in 20 degree.
3. Then click Stitch to get a panoramic image with tripod removed.

Use Panoweaver to remove tripod

1. Open a cubic panorama with Panoweaver (if it is a spherical one, convert it to cubic first using Panoweaver), and go to Panoramic Image view tab. Under Flat view of this cubic panorama, click Remove Tripod button:

2. A window called Remove Tripod pops up.

(1) This area displays the nadir part of the cubic panorama (width:height=1:1). Mouse cursor turns to brush in this area. Hold left mouse button to circle the area that you would like to edit. The starting point and end point will be connected to form a closed area for editing.

(2) Select displaying percentage for the image. This value ranges from 3% to 800%. Best fit means the image will be displayed according to the size of the current window. You can press Ctrl + + to zoom in and Ctrl + - to zoom out.
(3) Descriptor determines the robust value of the selected area, ranging from 9 to 31. The bigger the value is, the more accurate the found resemblance would be and the more precise the retouching result is.
(4) The Resemblances value defines the searching scope for resemblances. This value ranges from 10 to 100, with 35 as the default value.
Tip: Panoweaver will provide a Decriptor and Resemblance value by default, but when retouching tripod with complex texture, you need to find the best combination of Decriptor value and Resemblance value to generate the best retouching result.
(5) Preprocess: To preprocess the tripod in a smaller size to increase processing speed. The Min value is 300 and Max is 1000 (if the image width is less than 1000, then the Max value equals to image width, other wise the Max value is 1000).
Tip: Too large size will affect processing speed, but will generate a better retouching result.

3. Remove
After all the above areas are set, click this button to remove the tripod. When clicking the cancel button in the processing window, this remove action can be terminated immediately and the image will remain the original state.


When this button is pressed, the circle you have selected will disappear and the image display area goes back to original state. Also, the values you have set for Descriptor, Resemblances and Preprocess return to default value.

4. Apply
Finally, press this button to save the changes to panorama. Press cancel button to abandon all the changes.

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