Add Google Maps

With panoweaver8, you could include a Google Maps window direct on the viewer.

1. Choose format you want to publish

After you have finished stitching, press and it will come out a setting window “Publish Panorama” then click “format” to choose the format you want publish.

Note: Only flash and standard alone format support Google map

2. Set Google Maps

1.After you choose flash and standard alone format then click flash or standard alone
2. Click control button setting it will come out a control button setting Window.
3 .Click Google Maps icon and drag it to the control button setting

3.Set Google Maps Properties

W/H/X/Y: They could all be adjusted.
Google maps API key: to use the Google maps services a Google maps API key is needed! Google map is available to users who have already had valid API key. (Bing map is for all users).

4. Set Google Maps Viewer

Click Google Map viewer setting icon , it will come out a Google map viewer settings

Current Center Position: The current map position. Display Latitude and Longitude of the current center position.
Start Zoom Level: Initial zoom level, 14 is by default.
Display Initially: There are four options to choose from: Traffic, Map, Satellite, Earth. If you'd like to display navigation controls on Google maps, then tick the option Display Navigation controls on Google Maps.
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