Edit Hotspot

Click Set Hotspots button in Flat View under Panoramic Image tab to go to the hotspot settings window.

Add Hotspot

1. Click on Add Hotspot 2. Then move your mouse on the panoramic image and press left mouse button to add a hotspot. And the properties panel will display its properties and action.

Delete Hotspot

Select Hotspot

Click a hotspot on a panoramic image or Click the hotspot name in Hotspot List. Selecting multiple hotspots is supported.

Move Hotspot

Set Hotspot Properties

Component: Display hotspot name.
W/H: To set hotspot area.
X/Y: Set x,y coordinates of hotspot.
Icon: Set icon for hotspot. Two types: Text and images (hotspot image by default or hotspot images located at [InstallDir] \Libraries\Image\Hotspot).
Text: If you want to get a text hotspot or a text-image hotspot, please type text here and click to set font, size, align, etc for the text.
Hint: You can also set font, size and color for the hint text. Click to set hint properties.

Link to None: To set hotspot action. None represents the hotspot doesn't link to anything.
Link to Popup Image: You can add Pop up Image action to Hotspot. After this action is added to hotspot, when clicking on the hotspot, the relative image will be shown in a popup window right beside the mouse. The setting window is shown as below:

Link to URL: To link to a certain URL. Make setting as following:

Note: When multiple hotspots are selected, in the properties panel, W/H, Icon, Text and Hint are editable, while other options are not editable.

Note: The edited hotspots can only display in hotspot panel, which don't display in panoramic image area or under preview mode.
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