Shoot Normal Images

Panoweaver 8 supports normal lens, wide-angle lens and fisheye lens. It can handle almost every kind of image (one row or multiple rows of images), in any orientation.

Workflow of Shooting Normal Images

Shoot with pano head and tripod

Tip: To stitch a 360 degree panoramic image, the number of shots required for stitching varies with different cameras and lens. A calculating tool is available as below: loading multimedia control...

Shoot hand held

1. Calculate the rotation degree: to calculate the rotation degree when shooting each shot (360/the minimum number of shots, for example, if the minimum number of shots after calculation is 12, then the rotation degree should be 30).

Tip: If the calculation result is shooting at least 11 images, shooting 12 images is suggested to get a better stitching result.

2. Hand hold a camera, keep the camera in the same spot for every shot and proceed in a straight line. Don't move the camera up and down between shots to follow an up and down horizon. Ideally, use a tripod.

1. To get the best result inside a building for professional use, please note:
A tripod and a panoramic pano head are suggested while shooting. Handhold shooting is not suggested. As well, the nodal point should be adjusted precisely.
2. If you want to shoot far away objects outside a building and only one row of pictures for stitching, handhold shooting can also be applied.

Note: For the best results, take photos using the following tips:

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