Add Google Maps

With Tourweaver 7, you could include a Google Maps window direct on the viewer, place hotspots or radars on the map and link them to actions Tourweaver provides.

As to how to add google maps, please refer to How to Add Map Viewer

Set Google Maps Properties

W/H/X/Y They could all be adjusted.
Border Color Refer to How to Change Size and Appearance of Map Viewer.
Current Center Position The current map position. Display Latitude and Longitude of the current center position. Google maps API key: To use the Google maps services a Google maps API key is needed!
Start Zoom Level Initial zoom level, 14 is by default.
Display Initially There are four options to choose from: Traffic, Map, Satellite, Earth. If you'd like to display navigation controls on Google maps, then tick the option Display Navigation controls on Google Maps.
Scale to Browser Window Google maps can be same as browser from Tourweaver 7.

Add and view Hotspot/radar in Google Maps Street View (Only HTML5 format)

You can place hotspot or radars in Google Maps Street View and link them to actions Tourweaver7 provides. In the virtual tour you made by Tourweaver 7, you could enter Google Maps Street View window directly on the viewer.

How to add hotspot /radar in Google Maps Street Viewer ?

1. Add Google Map first.
2. Double click Google Map to enter Google Map 2D model.
3. Add Hotspot and radar in 2D model.
4. Click and drag Pegman to the place you add hotspot/radar to enter Google Maps street view.
5. In the 3D model ,drag Hotspot to the place you want to present and right click to add actions which links scene or pop windows for Hotspot
6. Click button to back Google Map 2D model.

How to view Hotspot /radar in Google Maps Street Viewer in your virtual tour ?

1. Open your virtual tour and you will see Google Map 2D model
2. Click the Hotspot and Polygon Hotspot in Google Map
3. If the Hotspot is supported enter Google Maps Street View, then click it to enter Google Maps Street View
4. After entering Google Maps Street View, you will see the Hotspot, click it to toggle its relevant action.

Note: If you click the Hotspot and Polygon Hotspot in Google Map which support 2D .They will be triggered as normal Hotspot.

Add Hotspot/Radar to Google Maps

Refer to Add Hotspot/Radar on Map

Note: map and Google maps can be added to scene viewer together, while in full screen mode, only one of the two can be displayed.

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