Add Hotspot/Radar

Hotspot is the area defined in an image possessing an acting link. You can add hotspot to scene or map, and add hyperlink or multiple actions to it. When this hotspot is clicked, these actions on it will be run automatically like switching to other images, running sound, linking to certain URL, or executing other operations provided in the software.

Radar is actually a hotspot which contains a specified action to indicate the position and direction of the panorama in map. You can add hotspot to scene; or add hotspot/radar to map.

Tip: Copy and paste hotspots or flash components between scenes; Copy and paste hotspots, radars or flash components between maps.

Hotspot Properties panel

Color:Tourweaver 7 provides a default style for three states hotspot. So if you set a certain color for hotspot, there will be three states of this hotspot generated automatically. For example, if you've set '00FF00' as the hotspot color, then the three states of this hotspot are as below:

Hotspot on Scene Hotspot on Map

Image: You can also customize the hotspot image by importing three images for the three states of the hotspot. Each hotspot possesses three states including normal state, over state and down state. When you select xx_1.jpg as the image for normal state, the program will search xx_2.jpg and xx_3.jpg in the same folder automatically. And add them as the images of over state and down state. Therefore you may use the same prename for the three state images like xx_1.jpg, xx_2.jpg and xx_3.jpg to save your time when importing them.

Hint:The text will be the scene name which is linked to as default. But you can replace it by your own. You can also set font, size and color for the text. What's more, the hints will change if you change the relative scene which is linked to. Hint supports text, image and SWF file.

Type: You can define hotspot type like scene hotspot, sound hotspot, etc. You can show or hide a certain type of hotspot by using "Show/Hide Hotspot".

Opacity: Refer to Set Textarea Properties.

Text: If you want to get a text hotspot or a text-image hotspot, please type the text here. You can also set font, size, align, etc for the text.

TextAlign:Set align style for hotspot.

Note: When you apply a text-image hotspot, you can adjust their positions by TextAlign under Properties panel.

Correlative Scene:After you add Link to Scene action to hotspot, the relative scene name will be shown here.

Wordwrap:If selected, there will be multiple lines.

Hide Hotspot Initially: To set whether to hide the hotspot initially or not.

Zoom in Scale with FOV: Hotspot can automatically zoom with the same scale FOV is zoomed to.

Properties for Polygonal Hotspot

You can set Color, border color and opacity values for this polygonal hotspot, and input text to show on hotspot.

Radar Properties panel is shown at Appearance Setting of radar section.

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