Add Button

Button is the component to control running of scene and map. For example, you can use a button to control the left turning or right turning of scene.

How to add button

1. Click Button from Toolbox.
2. Click the blank part of Main Window to place the button.

Set Button Properties

You can set button properties by its properties panel.

Toggle Button

Toggle button contains two states. Each time you click the toggle button, it will switch between the two states. Mute, Play/Pause, Move Map and Show/Hide are all with toggle effect. Take Play/Pause button as an example, if the movie is running, then click on this button and movie will be paused. And the button state will switch from pause to play. And another click on this button, the movie will run again and the button state becomes pause.

The movie is running and the button is at pause state. The movie is paused and the button is at play state.

Tip: These actions like mute, play/pause, move map, show/hide hotspot are all for toggle button.

Tab Button

Tab buttons are a group of buttons which feature tab effect. In one tab button group, only one tab button can be selected and this selected button will be high-lighted. The other buttons in the group are in Normal state. For example, you can use a group of tab buttons to link to multiple maps. When you click one of the maps, the relative tab button which is corresponding to the map will be high-lighted. Then your clients can easily know which map is now running in the Map viewer.

Therefore, when you define a button as a tab button, you have to select a group for it. The setting window is shown as below:

: To add a new tab button group

: To delete a tab button group

These buttons in the same group feature a tab group effect. That is only one button in the group can be selected and high-lighted.

Button map1 is clicked and Map 1 is shown Button map2 is clicked and Map 2 is shown

Hint: If you want some hints to appear when putting mouse over the button, you can input the tips here; and you can also customize font, size, Background Color, Border Color, align, Word Wrap etc in the popup dialog box as below. Hint supports text, image and SWF file.

Button with hint:

Item Description
Font Set font, size, color, bold and italic of Tooltips
Background Color Set tooltips background color
Border Color Set tooltips border color
Time Interval between Hint/Component When your mouse over a component, after the setting time, the hint will appear.
Display Time The hint will hide automatically after the setting time.

1. Image> click , it will popup a windows as below to choose image format file

2. Image> click , it will popup a windows as below to choose image format file

After choose the image and open it to do some setting

3 Flash hint>click it will popup a windowas follow to find your swf format file

Note Only swf format was support

After choose swf ,open it and do some setting

Note: There are two display modes for the button hints in Tourweaver7, displaying randomly when mouse over each button or displaying via TextArea at a fixed position and the button hints in this situation can be all in one TextArea. If you choose the second display mode, then you need to customize font, size, Background Color, Border Color, align, Word Wrap etc. in the TextArea properties panel, not in the Button properties panel.

Text: If you only want to show text on Button like , please input the text you want to show. You can also customize button by font, size, color, bold, italic, align. Input text in the Text blank.

Opacity: Refer to Set Textarea Properties

Gyroscope effect is now supported on iOS devices and can control with a button action

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