Add speed controller and compass

Speed Controller is the component to adjust the rotation speed of scenes.

How to add speed controller

1. Click speed controller from Toolbox.
2. Click the blank part of Main Window to place it.

Set speed controller Properties

You can set speed controller properties by its properties panel.

Flash File: You could replace the flash file with your customized one in the root directory folder "resource" of program.

How to add sound controller

Sound Controller is used to control the sound volume in the virtual tour. You can either use the Flash sound controller provided by Easypano or use your own. Simply select from toolbox to add it to Main Window.

In tourweaver7, we optimized multi-sound control system.

How to add compass

Set compass properties

You can use the Flash compass file provided by Easypano, or you can also change its appearance by editing the compass.fla file in Resource folder.
Click to open compass content settings window:

In the scene list on the left, select scenes that would show compass. Compass will only show up when the scenes selected here are being played in the scene viewer. Set the Pan value on the right. The preview area shows the north direction.
When previewing the tour, the compass displays on the MainWindow like this:

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