Add Text and TextArea

If you want some text information like your contact information, some brief introduction of scenes to appear on virtual tour, you can use text component. Tourweaver 7 provides Text and TextArea to help you present text on virtual tour.

Text is the component to show fixed text information on Main Window. Once you decide the text content, then it will remain unchanged on virtual tour. Furthermore, the text content will be exported together with the tour skin. You can add an action to Text like a link to your website.

How to add Text

1. Click Text button from Toolbox
2. Place the component by clicking Main Window

Set Text Properties

You can set Text properties by its properties panel

Coordinate Grid (Pro only): Refer to Change Size and Appearance of Map Viewer>How to anchor Map Viewer on the Main Window?
WordWrap: Whether word wrap is allowed. When it's selected, then multiple text lines used; otherwise, single line used.
Link color/ Visited links/ Active links: When an action is added to text, the three states text color (normal, over, down)
Underline Style: The way how the underline is shown. There are three options: AlwaysUnderline, HoverUnderline and NeverUnderline. If AlwaysUnderline is selected, then the underline will always be shown; if HoverUnderline is selected, the underline will only be shown when mouse over or down; if NeverUnderline is selected, the underline will never be shown.
Tip: Manual input and Return key are supported for font settings. Ctrl+A can be used to select all the text set in Text.

TextArea is the component to show text infomation of Scene, map or movie dynamically. For example, when scene1 appears in SceneViewer, the textarea will show brief introduction of scene1; while scene1 switches to scene2, then textarea will also change with it and display the introduction of scene2.

How to add TextArea

1. Click TextArea from Toolbox
2. Click Main Window to place this TextArea component

The difference between TextArea and Text

The content in Text component is fixed. Once it is set on Main Window, then it will never change. And it will be exported with the tour skin. While the text content in TextArea is dynamic. It will change with the change of scene, map and movie. It can't be exported with tour skin.

Set TextArea properties

Coordinate Grid (Pro only): Refer to Change Size and Appearance of Map Viewer>How to anchor Map Viewer on the Main Window?
Background color: The background color of textarea
Border color: The border color of textarea
Opacity: Opacity refers to the amount of transparency a layer has. For instance, if a layer's opacity is set to 100%, then that layer is completely opaque (in other words, you can't see through it). If a layer's opacity is set to 50%, then it is see-through, or moderately transparent, and layers behind it can show through. On the other end of the scale, if a layer’s opacity is set to 0%, then that layer is completely transparent (that is, invisible).
Align: Left/Center/Right.
List Values: The text which is shown in textarea. Scene/map/movie description and the hints of components like button, hotspot or radars could be shown in textarea.
Source: To show the type of the content, including None/Scene/Map/Movie/Component Hint.

What is value?

Value is the text which is to be shown in TextArea. Since the content in TextArea is changed with the change of scene, map or movie, you should define a source and detailed content for each item by specifying this Value.

Source: To select the source, for which the Textarea will display the relative content. There are four sources: None, Scene/Map/Movie Description,Component Hint.

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