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Image is the component to show image information on Main Window and contain customized action. For example, you can put your company logo in virtual tour by the image component. You can also add an action to this image to link to your website; or you may add a thumbnail on Main Window and specify an action to link to this scene.

How to add image

1. Click Image component from Toolbox
2. Click Main Window to place this image component

Set Image properties by its properties panel

Coordinate Grid (Pro only): Refer to Change Size and Appearance of Map Viewer>How to anchor Map Viewer on the Main Window?
Source File: Add the image which you want to show for the image component. JPEG, GIF and BMP are all supported.
Size Mode: The size mode at which the image is shown including Actual Size and Best Fit.
Actual Size: The image is shown with its original size. If Center is selected, the image will be shown in the center of the component; otherwise, the image will be shown at the top left of the component.
Best Fit: The image is shown with the size of the component ,you can adjust actual size to best fit by setting .
Opacity: Refer to Set Textarea Properties.

Q & A

Q: I want to know how to put a steady image on the ground center of the virtual tour, without beein affected by the immerse (sphere). Thank you

A: You can add the steady image by the Add Ceiling/Floor function of the right panel of Panoweaver.

More information, please refers to the chapter Add Ceiling/Floor

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