Add Listbox

Listbox is the component which shows scene list (map list or movie list) in a list box. You can place a Listbox on Main Window and set its properties. Then there would be a scene list (map list or movie list) in virtual tour.

How to add listbox

1. Click Listbox from Toolbox
2. Click blank part of Main window to place the Listbox

Set Properties for ListBox

You can set properties for ListBox by its properties panel which is as below:

Coordinate Grid (Pro only) Refer toChange Size and Appearance of Map Viewer>How to anchor Map Viewer on the Main Window?
Background Color The background color of ListBox
Border Color The border color of ListBox
SelectedItem Bg Color The background color of the selected item
ScrollbarColor You can set color for scrollbar.

List Values for ListBox

There is also a list values to be set for ListBox. It's the same with the list values of ComboBox. You can define the list content by setting this list values like list source and detailed list items.

Item Description
Scene List all scenes which are chosen. When "Item Varies with different Map" is selected, the items listed in List box will vary with the different maps shown in Map viewer. For example, Scene1,2,3 are located in Map A (to relate a scene to a map, you can choose the relative map under the properties panel of that scene, or add a radar on the map referring to that scene) while Scene 4,5,6 are located in Map B. When map A is run, you can see scene 1,2,3 are listed in list box; when map B is run, scene 4,5,6 are shown in list box.
Map(only available in Professional edition) List all maps which are chosen
Movie(only available in Professional edition) List all movies which are chosen

Note: When the current skin is replaced, the list values of the current ListBox will be applied to the new one on the new skin.

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