Add Popup Window

How to add/delete popup window?

Add Popup Window

Go to List panel>Popup Window tag and click

Then the dialog box of popup window will appear as below for you to set Name, Size, Location, Background Color of the new popup window.

Click OK, a popup window item will diaplay under thePopup Window list andthe workspace of Popup Window will appear as below in which the popup window is editable.

Another method of adding popup window--when you click Pop window in stage in workspace

If you add a button on the main window and then add an Action—Show/close Popup window but you have not added a popup window , it will give you a tips to add popup window

Delete Popup Window

1. Go to List panel>Popup Window tag and click on the popup window you want to remove.
2. Click or press Delete key to remove the popup window.
Add Popup Window “Open and close” multi Popup window
Tourweaver7 add two more action for open/close multi Popup window .when choose open/close multi Popup window .All pop up window will be listed as below choose them and click Ok :
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