Add Flash

In Tourweaver 7 , Flash component can be added to main window, popup window, scene and map, used to play SWF file, to achieve flash effect. Users have more freedom to design unique tours.

How to Add Flash

1. Click Flash from Toolbox.
2. Click the blank part of Window to place the component.

Set Properties for Flash

Coordinate Grid (Pro only): Refer to Change Size and Appearance of Map Viewer>How to anchor Map Viewer on the Main Window?
Background color: The background color of flash. You can customize the background color of flash.
Flash File: Add the flash file which you want to show.

Add flash component to scene

1. Double click Scene Viewer to open a scene.
2. Click Flash component from Toolbox.
3. Click some place of Scene to place the component.

For adding action to Flash, refer to How to set action for flash component.

Tip: Flash components can be copied and pasted between different scenes or maps. Flash can be used as hotspot of a scene, linked to correspondent scene.

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