Run Virtual Tour

You can run virtual tour from local after you publish it. After you publish virtual tour, an output folder should be opened automatically. you can view the tour by double click on the generated html. (the Open Output Folder after Published selection at General page in publish settings window should be chosen)

Note: To run virtual tour in Flash viewer, Adobe Flash Player 9.0.28 or later version is needed. It should be noticed that the flash player installation package for Windows and Mac OSX are different.

To create or run a virtual tour in Java applet viewer, please use Tourweaver 3.00.

How to Run Virtual Tour in Full Screen

The two viewers including Scene viewer, Map viewer can be changed to run full screen. Open virtual tour and put your mouse on any of the viewers and double click. Then you can see that viewer by full screen. Another double click can bring full screen back to original size.

What's more, you can also add a button with full screen action to tour skin. When you want to change to full screen, you only need to press that button.

Note: In Tourweaver 4.00, the map will be displayed at top right corner when in full screen. The new feature enables you to use the map while the tour is in full screen. While in Tourweaver 6.00, you could decide the location of map in full screen through some settings.

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