Toolbox displays all the components in Tourweaver. They're listed as below:

Type ICON Component Feature Description
View Scene Viewer Play scenes.
Map Viewer Play maps.
Google/Bing Maps Viewer Display Google map and street viewer.
Control Botton Achieve various actions.
Movie Controller Control the movie playing progress.
Speed Controller Control the playing speed of tour.
Sound Controller Be used to control sound volume.
Compass Indicate the north direction in scenes.
Selection Thumbnail Show small thumbnails of each scene/map/movie.
Combobox Show list of scene/map/movie.
Listbox Show list of scene/map/movie.
Flash Thumbnail Show thumbnails in a .swf Flash container.
Description Text Show description of the tour.
Image Be added to main window and popup window.
Textarea List dynamic content for scene/map/movie/component hint.
Hostpot Hostpot Be added to Scene/Map/Google Map/Google Map Street View.
Polygonal Hotspot Be added to Scene/Map/Google Map. Shape can be customized.
Radar Be added to Map/Google Map.
Media Video Be added to main window, popup window, is used to play video or online video.
Flash Be added to main window, popup window, scene and map, is used to play SWF file.
Effect Lens Flare Can be added to scene to achieve the effect of lens flare.
3D Object 3D Object Be added in Scene, Popup window.
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