How to Edit Components on Skin

Skin is composed of multiple components. For more details about the components that make up skin, please refer to Toolbox.

Add and Delete components on skin

When building a tour skin, you can add the needed components from Toolbox to Main Window. Or you can delete the components which you no longer want from Main Window.


1. Move your mouse onto Toolbox
2. Click the component you want to add
3. Then move your mouse onto Main Window
4. Click the blank part of Main Window to place this component


1. Select the component which you're going to delete from Main Window
2. Press Delete key or Backspace key to delete the component

Copy and Paste components on skin

You can create a new component in a fast way by copy and paste. Follow the steps below to copy and paste:

1. Select the component you want to duplicate
2. Right click your mouse to open the popup menu and choose Copy. Or press Ctrl+C to copy the component.
3. Go to Main Window and right click your mouse and choose Paste. Or press Ctrl+V to paste the component.

Tips: Select the component and meanwhile press Ctrl. Then use your mouse to drag the component to another position and release. Then another component is duplicated.

Move and Lock components on skin

You can move component to a proper position by moue or keyboard. After you adjust a component, you can then lock it so that it can't change any more.


1. Select component
2. Use mouse to drag the component or use arrow keys to adjust the component to the proper place.


1. Select the component you're going to lock
2. Right click your mouse and choose Lock from the popup menu to lock that component. If you want unlock it, just click Lock again.

Layout components on skin

You can draw and lay out component by the layout tools in Toolbar.

Group components on skin

You can set several components into a group so that they're like one component when you operate them. For example, there are a series of buttons created on Main Window. If you want to select and move them at the same time, you can set them into a group.

You can't add another component to a group. But you can ungroup them and then make a new group.

Create a Group

1. Select all the components you're going to group like hotspots, radars, etc.
2. Select Layout>Group or press Ctrl+G.


1. Select the group you're going to ungroup
2. Select Layout>Ungroup or press Ctrl+Shift+G.
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