Change the Appearance of Scene Viewer

After you add scene viewer onto Main Window, you can then edit its  appearance under its Properties panel which is shown as below:

Main properties of SceneViewer

If you choose set Scale to Browser Window when you open a new project , it will be :

Background color: The background color of scene viewerss. Generally the background will not show except when the scene is a still image and it's shown by Best Fit. Under that circumstance, partial viewer background will be shown.

Frame Image: The foreground image of scene viewer. For example, you can add an image with buttons designed on it as a frame image of scene viewer. So you may add button component with transparent appearance onto the image. Or you can add foreground image to scene viewer when you want the viewer shown irregularly.

Tip: In Tourweaver7 the size of scene viewer is default same as main window .Compared Tourweaver 6 we delete anchor or adjust the size of scene viewer feature.

Note: The options are enabled only when Set Percentage option is selected in Main Window.

How to change appearance of Scene Viewer

1. Select Scene viewer on Main Window.
2. Modify the relative properties under the Properties panel of viewer.
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