Add/Delete, Replace and Change the Sequence of Scenes

The supported formats include JPG, BMP and GIF.

Add scene

1. Go to List panel > Scene tag and click
2. Select the scene type from scene list like Add Spherical.
3. Choose the right file from the file choosing window
4. Click OK

Delete scene

1. Go to List panel > Scene tag and click on the scene you want to remove
2. Click or press Delete key to remove the scene

Replace scene

1. Go to List panel > Scene tag and click the scene you want to replace.
2. Click or select Replace in right-click menu
3. Select the scene file you want to replace with in the Open dialog box.
4. Click Open and the scene will be replaced.

Tip: After replacement, the scene name will keep unchanged.

How to change the sequence of scenes

1. Go to List panel > Scene tag and click the scene you want to adjust
2. Click and the scene will move one step upwards; click and the scene will move one step downwards.

Tip: You can also select the scene and keep pressing your mouse and drag the scene to the place where you want it to be.

Note: The change of scene sequence will affect SlideShow.

How to use DayToNight feaure?

For the same spot, you can take a panoramic photo during the daytime and another panorama during night, or you can also use two photos with different effects, which are taken in the same position.

There are two steps to use this feature:

1. Add two photos taken in the same location to scene list of Tourweaver:

In the Properties panel of both scenes, name the daytime scene as xxx_DTN and night time scene as xxx_NTD. In this example, the two scenes are named as Panorama_DTN, and Panorama_NTD.

2. Add a button to Main Window and in its properties panel, select type as DayToNight like following:

This button acts as a toggle button. You can click  to set different appearance for day to night and night to day states.

This button will only show when the scene being played is named xxx_DTN or xxx_NTD. For example, in the following tour, the scene being played is Saudi Arabia pavillion, so the button with the type of DayToNight does not show.

Then we switch to scene Panorama_DTN, and the "Switch to Night View" button shows up.

Click on it to switch to night view Panorama_NTD.

Note: The scenes with the name of xxx_NTD won't be included in the slideshow.

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