Set Scene Properties

How to set scene properties

1. Go to List panel > Scene tag and click the scene you're going to edit
2. Open Properties panel and edit the relative properties of that scene

How to edit the common properties of the same type of components

To improve your efficiency, select the same type of components (Scene, Map, Button, Thumbnail, Listbox, Combobox, Text, Image, Textarea, Hotspot, Radar, Flash or Video) and edit their common properties, refer to the following example:

Select multiple scenes and the properties panel appears as below, edit the common properties of the scenes, likeScene Type, Speed, Transition Effect, Duration, Sound, Loop, Pan/Tilt/FOV, Size Mode, X/Y/Zoom Level, Map orPanfov:

1. Drag your mouse to select multiple scenes.

2.Set the common properties of these scenes in the properties panel. Many properties are editable.

Also, you could select different type of components and edit their common properties if there are any. See below:

1. Drag your mouse to select ListBox and ComboBox on the Main Window.

2. Select a button and a combox, the properties panel appear as below, only W/H is editable.

Set Properties for Spherical Panorama

The Properties panel of spherical panorama is shown as below:

Scene Name The name of the scene.
Scene Type The type of the scene. Scene viewer will change the method to run according to different scene types. In Tourweaver 7 , these types are supported: Spherical, Cylindrical, Still Image, Kaidan Oneshot, 0-360 OneShot, Remote Reality OneShot and Single fisheye.
Transition Effect You can set the transition effect when one scene switches to another. There are six options: None, Fade in & Fade out, Blinds, Circles, Spin and Slide. The default value is set to Fade in & Fade out. If you chooseNone, then there will be no transition effect. When Fade in & Fade out is applied, the current scene will fade in and the next scene fades out. If Blinds is applied, the new scene will replace the current one like blinds.

Note: Except the effects mentioned above, we add more Transition Effect in Tourweaver7.

Transition Duration It's the period used for one scene switching to another. The range is from 1 to 20 seconds. The initial value is 2.
Map The map which this scene is on. When the scene is played in scene viewer, then this map will be shown in Map viewer. You can choose Auto, Blank or the specified one of all. When you choose Auto, the map for this scene is decided by which map the radar is on. Choosing Blank, then when the tour switches to the scene, the map will hide automatically. When you choose specified map of all, if the radar is not on this specified one, then the panorama properties can't refer to this scene.
Auto Rotating Speed To set the rotating speed of panoramic scene. The range is from -100 to 100. Negative value means the panorama rotates by anti-clockwise. The initial value is 20.
Sound To set sound for scene. If you've set sound for scene, when scene viewer plays this scene, the sound will run. If Loop is selected, the sound will be always repeated. And Loop is selected as default.

Note: In Tourweaver7 we have optimized the multi-sound control system for in the tour.

Panfov If the panoramic image is not 360 degree in horizontal direction, you can select this radio button Partial and input the pan value of the panoramic image. If Loop (Pro only)option is ticked with Partial option ticked as well, the scene will automatically play back and forth (Circle play from left to right and then from right to left) when clicking on the single scene and keep looping.
Initial, Min, Max You can control the initial angle of view and the scope of view by setting the Initial, Min and Max value of Pan, Tilt and FOV.
Cool Effects Cool Effects list names of all swf files in "Flash effects" in the root directory. You could customize effects by adding swf files to the folder "Flash effects".

Note: When you first select a movie as default for tour, then any change of Pan, Tilt and FOV will not affect the movie.

Set Properties for Cylindrical Panorama

Please refer to Set Properties for Spherical Panorama.

Set Properties for Kaidan One Shot

The properties panel of Kaidan OneShot is shown as below:

Main Proeprties:

vFOV above HRZ: The FOV above the horizontal line.

Loop: Refer to Spherical Panorama.

Set Properties for 0-360 One Shot

Please refer to Set Properties for Kaidan One Shot

Set Properties for Remote Reality One Shot

Please refer to Set Properties for Kaidan One Shot

Set Properties for Still Image

The properties panel of still image is shown as below:

Size Mode To set the display way of still image in scene viewer. There are two options including Best Fit and Actual Size. Actual Size is set as default.
Best Fit Keep the original image proportion. Zoom in/out the image depending on the size of scene viewer.
Actual Size Display the image by its original size in scene viewer.
Center Position X/Y Set X, Y value for still image in the center of scene viewer.

Set Properties for Single Fisheye

Please refer to Set Properties for Spherical Panorama

For adding hotspots to scenes, please refer to Add Hotspot on Scene.

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