Set Map Properties

Main Properties of Map

Transition Effect: You can set the transition effect when one map switches to another. There are three options: None, Fade in & Fade out, Blinds and Zoom in. The default value is set to Fade in & Fade out. If you choose None, then there will be no transition effect. When Fade in & Fade out is applied, the current map will fade in and the next map fades out. If Blinds is applied, the new map will replace the current one like blinds.

Transition Duration: It's the period used for one map switching to another. The range is from 1 to 20 seconds. The initial value is 2.

How to set map properties

1. Go to List panel > Map tag and click the map you're going to make settings.
2. Then open Properties panel and edit the relative properties of that map.
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