Add Radar to Map

Appearance Setting of Radar
Synchronization Setting

Tourweaver provides radar to refer the current direction of the rotating panorama. You can set radar to synchronize with a panorama so that when the tour run, a scanning area will rotate with the panorama. The result is shown as below:

The radar in Tourweaver 7 is similar to the compass in Tourweaver 1.30. But radar is more powerful. It can not only synchronize with panorama, but also with still image. What's more, you can also customize the shape, area and angle of radar by yourself.

To add radar on map, please follow the steps below:

1. Double click the map which you're going to add radar from Map tag under List panel.

2. Then this map will be shown in Map Viewer where you can edit the map.

3. Click radar from Toolbox and click the map to place that radar component.

4. Set its appearance or make other settings under radar properties panel.

5. Synchronize the radar with a certain scene and set the scanning angle and initial values
(See Synchronization Setting for details on how to set synchronization).

Note: In Tourweaver 7, the scan area of radar can be hidden by setting background color as transparent.

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