Record a Movie

When you add a new movie, it's blank completely even without a frame. You can insert different frames to begin recording the movie with your own style.

Insert/Delete Frame

Frame is the basic element of movie and each frame represents a time point on time axis. To record a movie, you have to insert multiple keyframes in the movie with the following steps:

Delete Frame

Display mode

Click which is at the right side of timeline to shift the display mode including Common mode and Preview mode.

Set Frame Properties

When you record a movie, if you're not very satisfied with the viewing position of the scene at a certain keyframe, you can define an accurate position by setting the frame properties. The frames for panoramic image and still image are a little different.

When the frame is for panorama, its properties panel is as below:

Frame No. To show the frame number
Movie Name To show which movie this frame is in and the length of this movie
Scene Name To show which scene this frame is for
Pan, Tilt, FOV The initial value of the Pan, Tilt and FOV
Rotation Direction To show, from this frame on, which direction does this movie turn to, clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Copy, Cut and Paste Frame

You can copy or cut one or several frames and then paste it or them to other time points or another movie. The steps are as below:

1. Select the frames you're going to copy (you can select multiple frames by Ctrl or Shift), right click and select copy frame or press Ctrl+C
2. Right click where you want to paste the frames and choose paste frame or press Ctrl+V

Drag Frame at Time Line

You can modify walkthrough of movie by dragging a certain frame to change its time point.

1. Click a certain frame
2. Press the mouse and drag the frame leftwards or rightwards until a certain point. And the frames after this one would also move synchronously.

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