Image Library

Image library is used to store and organize image resources. You can add images to Image library or delete images from the library. You can also organize these images.

All those images used in virtual tour can be added to Image library, including button images, hotspot images and radar images. If you want to apply the image from library, please select the component and drag the image which you want to apply to that component. Then this image would be applied onto the selected component. Take button as an example:

Apply button image from library

Add Image to Image Library

There are some images which are frequently used during making tour. You can add these images to image library for future use.

Please follow the steps below to add images to image library:

Delete Image from Image Library

You can also delete those images from Image library. Please follow the steps below to delete images from library:

Organize Images in Library

You can customize your own folder to classify these images in library. Please follow the steps below:
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