Tourweaver Project File

The project file from Tourweaver is in XML format with the extension .tw. It records all the information of the whole project including window, scene, sound, map and output.

Note: The extension of project file from Tourweaver 1.30 is vtp. Tourweaver 3.00, Tourweaver 4.00, 5.00  6.00 and 7 can recognize and open vtp file, but it will convert this file to tw first.

Tourweaver 7 supports the vtp project files from Tourweaver 1.3 and tw files from Tourweaver 3.00, 4.00  5.00 and 6.00. Nevertheless some contents of the projects will be converted. The changes are concluded as below:

Components in old project file (tw1.3) To be converted or deleted in new project file(tw7)
SceneDescription Tour Components TextArea Component
TextLink and Label Tour Components Text Component
CompanyInfo Tour Components deleted
Statusbar Tour Components deleted
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