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Big stitching errors

Wow. I must have really screwed these up to get such big errors in the stitching. I'm using Nikon D70 + Samyang 8MM (not shaved). 1 row of 8 at -15 and 1 row of 8 at +60. can anyone tell me how to send my sample pics for review?

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Hi Socalcardule,

welcome on this forum

Create an account here you will be able to upload your pictures, you will get a link to be used on the forum.


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I will take a look if you make then available for download.

You need to upload them to a server (yours) or one of the free services. As Dominique mentions is good or you can use simply send them to an email address (one of your own) and you will receive a link which you can pass on so others can download them.

You mention "not shaved" there would be NO advantage shaving a Samyang 8mm that is fitted to a APS-C/DX small sensor.

What stitching software are you using? Panoweaver?

Regards, Smooth [8D]