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Virtual Tour not loading on many PCs

The virtual tour works on my machine but it's not working on the client's PC, the Program Manager's PC or the the boss' PC. I've confirmed that their PCs have Java installed:

Here is the webpage (Generated by Easypano Panoweaver 4.00) >>

It just gets stuck at the screen below (multiple browsers)

Any ideas????? page
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A troubleshooting conversation....

John: Click any of these virtual tours and tell me if they work for you

Allen: well, something loaded (once I gave the java permission) but other than the controls, nothing is 'happening'

John: can you see the photo in the player?

Allen: nope

John: ??? I tested them on 3 machines and they work fine

Allen: I see the controls at the bottom, to zoom etc, but no pic

John: test your java

Allen: it says it's working
I get the easypano load screen thing, then it gives me a odd blank screen

John: what browswer are you using?

Allen: same result with all of them
check the logs on the remote server and see if it denying access for some reason
that would be my guess, the viewer loads, but no content

John: well, the viewer didn't even load for Qui
he just gets the java loading image

Allen: most likely he didn't notice the popup asking for ermission
common issue
note: I'm on a mac, but running Chrome if that makes a dif

John: so all of your tests were from a MAC?

Allen: roger
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Your tour loads fine for me using a PC running Windows 7, IE 9.0 and everything totally up to date.

That said, Easypano stopped Java support quite a few years ago now as it was totally overtaken with a better player (being Flash).

I don't do MAC so can't offer an opinion there.

Regards, Smooth [8D]