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Some Bugs?

Hello, I am trying the tourveaver v7 together with other vt softwares to write an article and detected some bugs.
1-The polygonal hotspot does not work at all. I followed instructions and first created a rectangular field on a scene. I added an action "popup image" and selected an image. At preview nothing happens.
2-Google maps. I followed your video lesson to create a google map. As you know, they say that there is NO more API key. It is surprising to propose a software with no working functions and still making beleive people with video lessons that they work.
3-When a .swf file from _swf  is exported in an html page, the full screen fonction does not work neither.
Have any solutions?

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Polyganal hotspot


I was wondering whether you publish your tour into html5. Polygonal hotspot is not supported in html5 format. More info about html5 can be found on our website: If polygonal hotspot doesn't work in flash, please send your published file and project to via Thanks.


Google map api key


Google has changed its API policy since last year. Detailed info can be found via  At present, Google only issue Google Maps JavaScript API v3. However, the key can't be used in flash.  And new api key is stopped issuing.

To solve this issue, bing map is supported by Easypano programs long before. Maybe bing map can be your another choice.




Please send a link and your published swf file to Thanks.