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Pano Size limit

My proccess,

Nikon 800E 16mm fx lens, raw images 8 shots total exported to tiff 250mb an image.

I use Hugin to stich the images (panoweaver crashes) final pano 1.6gb 20000x10000 tiff file

I do all the post proccessing using Photoshop and save to jpg 90mb final.

I import the 20000x10000 file into panoweaver to generate the Web Flash prievew. Panoweaver crashes

I reduce the image size to 18000x the image loads into Panoweaver.

I publish the pano to flash, it publishes ok but when I load the image the small color image tiles start to load but stop half way down the panorama. so i'm navigating a flash panorama half color and half BW. I have to reduce the image to 14000x for the Flash priview to work. Why? Is there a limit to the Flash tile numbers? I would like to load a 18000x image in a player and publish it.

I'm using an Apple ML quad Core 3.0 with 8gb ram.