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probleth TW 7 standard and PW8 Pro

I'm a iMac user, Software  OS X 10.8.3 (12D78). newest imac. PW crashing after each project... after each project,each room, I have to turn it on again and wait till it loads on....more problems with TW 7...each time I'm turning it on I have to enter the licens key....and it's crashing all the time....sometimes in the midle of the project, sometimes when I'm saving done project and it's making me crazy...after 40 min of work everything is gone... Anybody knows what is the problem and what should I do.... Thanks alot  

I have no problems with stiching....everything is cool, I'm just tired to get into the PW all over again after each room I make...and the TW just goes off in the midle of the project.... Thanks for your help