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Mac user with crash problem

I am a new user of panoweaver, I am runing it on a Mac version 10.10, It crashed frequently at the end of image assembly, and if assembly worked for the same images, it will crash when I close the application. I am using panoweaver 8.6 for Mac and I updated my computer wit the last IOS supplied by Apple, 10.10.

Do I need a fix or is ther parameters to adjust to stabilise the application running on a Mac.


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Hi. I am also a newmember of the forum. I am looking forward to exchange and learn more. Lookingforward to sharing more with the same people!


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I am also a MAC user and I have also faced the same crash problem on my system. So, I reported this on ContactMicrosoft and they suggested me restart my computer to leave the safe mode and start it without pressing down the shift key. The technique really worked for me.

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I hope you can do what you want. thank you!


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I had the same problem on this version, but after upgrate everything works cool

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27 days ago

Its been a really long time since I had the problem with MAC cause when I learn on

how to make assignment for the college essay  work and your info helped me with the procedure to fix it within .