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Moncler Jackets Outlet revealed

When parents and students in Louisville, Kentucky, got wind of Butler Traditional High School's dress code policies forbidding certain hairstyles, they spoke up and spoke out.

The policy ' which outlawed cornrows, twists and dreadlocks, among other styles ' was first Moncler Jackets Outlet revealed to parents and students on a pink handout at registration in late July.

"Hair styles that are extreme, distracting, or attention-getting will not be permitted," the flyer read. "No dreadlocks, cornrolls (sic), twists, mohawks, no jewelry will be worn in the hair. No braids Moncler Outlet Online will be allowed on males."

"Those students who come to school in violation of the dress code will not be allowed to attend class or circulate through the school until their attire is corrected," the flyer continued. "We feel that a student's academic success is directly correlated to appropriate attire and appearance."

Butler Traditional High School students and parents ' including State Representative elect Attica Scott ' quickly took to social media to express their disdain for the policy, many calling it "cultural appropriation."

"My intelligent, straight-A, 4.0 daughter can't wear her natural hair in braids to school?" remarked one mom.

Another dad shared photos of his JCPS students ' all with hairstyles that would be outlawed by the new policy.

Scott used examples of successful black women like Oprah, Beyoncé and Maya Angelou ' their hair also all in styles affected by the ruling.

"Please, Butler, tell Oprah how braids affect your future progress," one post said. "Butler, how did Beyoncé ever manage to be successful with cornrows? Not at your school!" another read.

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Good to hear