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Panoweaver is a great 360 photo stitching software

The software auto-stitches, supports full 360-degree for cylindrical and spherical (or even cubic) panoramas. It also features multimedia output, such as scrollable QuickTime (QTVR), Flash, standalone SWF, Java and now HTML5 (Safari only) for computers, and even multimedia devices such as the iPad.

Panoweaver might be just up the alley for multimedia users, but risk failing to please those who are looking for a software to make standard flat panorama prints with. So for 360 photographers you also need some alternative 360 photo stitching software , and it will help much now and then.

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In standard the photo is taken in profoundlydifferentiating however today development is extended and we can get theshading for the photography.

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I have never used this photo stitching software till now, but, one of my friend has suggested me to work with this software it is good one has user friendly software. I have downloaded the trail version from essay services uk blog and started using it for those 15 days it is really a wonderful one which has all the features what I want.