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Hi Jeremy,

The ring is not specific to the camera "only the lens" so it will work perfectly with your camera/lens set up.

I'm using with a Canon 5D/Battery Grip and Sigma 8mm no problem. Just be aware you have to use the less in "Manual Focus" because the lens RingT stops the auto focus. It is easy just set the lens to be at "infinity" the Sigma is excellent at this setting.

Regards, Smooth

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Check out the thread below for pictures of how the ring is set on the lens.

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We use the Sigma 8  f3.5 and f4 lens with the Canon 5d and Canon 20d. 

On Agnos pole you can set the ring over the stationary part of the lens housing.  Set the focus ring to Infinity mark.  Then set the camera aperature to F8.  F8 is the 'sweet spot' for this lens so that ALL is in focus from 4" in front of the lens glass to infinity.

On a tripod... the ringT must fit over the focus ring.  Which means getting the No Parallax point set is important for properly stitching the images.

We did a test with the Sigma 8 lenses... We took 2 photos 1 at f8 and another at f22 (thinking the smaller the hole [read aperature opening the sharper the image]).  WRONG.  The f22 setting was definately fuzzier in comparision to the f8 image.  So set your camera to f8  and let the camera decide the shutter speed.

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