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Equipment switch

I have been using a canon powershot G5 with the ipix fisheye lens and rotator for a couple years with my virtual tour business. I am thinking of make a switch to a different system or just upgrading my current system. I was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions on what a decent upgrade would be (camera, lens, rotator, etc.). I enjoy using the ipix lens because it gets a full range of the subject when taking the photos. Id rather not take 10-15 pictures of a subject either.......I dont know if that limits me in what I can use or not. Id also like to be able to increase the viewing window and possibly do full screen tours, so naturally I would need a higher quality system. I appreciate any help. Take a look at my website for some of the work I have done ( Thanks again.     
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A good Starter DSLR set up would be something like the canon 350d + 8mm FE lens the peleng lens is the cheapest but it is a manual focus lens (you only need to set it up once though).
Alternatively there is the Sigma 8mm, 3 times the price of the peleng but autofocus etc and generally better build quality.
You can get away with 4 shots with this setup (very small top and bottom to patch). (350d & peleng approx 570 - 600pounds in the uk)

Another setup you be the Nikon D70 or D50 with the nikon 10.5mm FE lens. 6 + top & bottom shots.

Both setups will give you very nice quality full screen panos

Hope this helps
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Digital slr will give you faster shooting and the ability to make bigger full screen panoramas sharp. But if you keep your panoramas the same small size they are now you won't notice a huge difference. Its when you want to make them bigger you notice the advantages.

Non dslr options are probably no better than you canon g5 which is still pretty much top of the range before getting a slr.