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Nikon D2Xs + Sigma EX f3.5

With a large Photo survey of our Industrial Sites to complete (Man Years) I chose Nikon D2Xs, Sigma 8mm EX F3.5 Circular Fisheye Lens, on a Manfrotto 055/328/303-SPH Mount.

Now blundering my way into creating the best way to set Camera & PanoWeaver-4 parameters for best match.  Just started with the options around Drum4+T+B.

Any and all input will be devoured at this end.

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With that lens you will be limited to utilizing drum images.  You do have some options for whether or not to include t +b or just t.  It all depends on your application, desired post process time, desired image file size, etc.  There are quite a few folks that are more than happy to jump in when you hit a snag or have a question. 

Congrats on the new set-up!