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Canon EOS 20D + Peleng lens, what else?

Hi ev1, i'm new here.. I've got a canon EOS20D and i'd like to be able to do 360.

I've being reading thru the forums and i've decided to get a Peleng lens. Question is, what rotator should I use for my setup? I have an $1k budget to get accessories to go with my canon, all tips are very welcomed.. And please treat me like a newbie cuz i am! :)

Thank you all in advance

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hm, a budget pano head for 20D/one lens seems to be the NodalNinja 3. I have used a Bogen/Manfrotto 303 up to now, but bought a NN 3 recently and it is really a good choice. It is lightweight but sturdy. The clickstop works with detent rings.

The B/M 3003 kills you when you have to walk a lot, but it is more impressive to look at ;-) If you'd shift lenses frequently, the B/M 303 might seem a better choice because the NN3 _is_ adjustable, but not as quick as the B/M 303.