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Is Canon A640 good for VT?


I have a Canon A640 (10 megapixels) camera, and I was wondering if it is a good camera for creating virtual tours. It looks like it is harder to find fisheye lenses for this camera. I do not have much experience with photography, but I would like to learn to create virtual tours. Is it a DSLR camera better for VT? What would be a good (average) starting equipment for VT(around $1500)?


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I have sent you a email.

Basically what you need is:

  • Canon Rebel or Nikon D50 etc
  • Sigma 8mm F3.5 Fisheye
  • Panohead
  • Tripod

I will go over it with you when you reply to my email.

Regards, Smooth

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I am also in the market for Canon PowerShot A640 Digital Camera. I have been reading expert reviews and that has been useful to me. It may be help you too. I had been using, to find reviews. Yesterday I also used PriceGrabbers expert review tab (
and found a site ( that aggregates expert reviews. It only covers a few categories but it is pretty neat. Just my $.02.