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fc-e8 and what cams work (Cp5000 upgrade)

Hey all

I've got an fc-e8 and the rotator for it. I have a CP 5000 but if i was looking for the next model(s) up from that, what other Nikons work on an FC-e8 lens?

Many thanks
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Hello rfh,

Is a good idea to uprade your camera for hi res panos, the FC-E6 can be atatched to a DSLR. You can see it here: Agnos Ring Adapter.

The adapter to be suitable for connect a

AF Nikkor 24mm f/2.8
AF/S Nikkor 18-55 f/3.5-5.6G ED

to the additional converter Fisheye FC-E9 scheduled by Nikon for the Coolpix 5400-5700-8700-8400-8800.
It so possible perform circulars resumptions of 180 directly in digital. In kit with the Mrotator are performed so take back for spherical pannings to more tall resolution.
Compatible with the digital cameras:

D1 all
D-2 all

If you going to upgrade, the best to do is to buy a DSLR fisheye (8mm F4 EX DG Circular Fisheye and shot 4 pictures) or the Nikon 10.5mm fish eye to shoot 6 + U + D.

hope helps.

Mexico City
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yes you don't really want to use the fc-e9 with a dslr, waste of the extra money.

However you fc-e8 will still fit a coolpix 8400 which would be a step up. Most other modern cameras won't work with it though, its too small for modern sensors or something.

An interesting idea might be a nikon p5000 which uses the same teleconvertor accessories as some of the older coolpix cameras but no on know if it will work with the fc-e8 or not, its just a speculation. So you'd have to find somewere that would let you try it before buying one. I'd say a one in three chance it would work.

Or as people say you spend big bucks and get a dslr with a sigma 8mm fisheye. Or the slightly cheaper combination of an older canon and 8mm peleng.